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Yearly Archive 2016

Master Bath Remodel

Let’s face it, you want your home to feel as comfortable as possible. Whether you are in it for the long haul or looking to sell, eventually you will need to start thinking about home improvement. But what’s first? The Master Bath of course!

This recently renovated Master Bath is one of many projects we have completed for one of our favorite clients. Our goal was to produce a well-lit bathroom using plenty of natural light and white and silver accents. The frosted glass between the shower and toilet enabled us to create two separate spaces while allowing sunlight to enter each through one of the two bathroom windows. The saw cut ceramic vent keeps a peaceful flow between tiles, which are carefully aligned across the entire bathroom.

Voila! We’ve created a comfortable, relaxing, and luxurious Master Bath for current and future homeowners to seek peace in. It’s the little details that make a huge difference!

The Club at 12 Oaks: The Clubhouse

A Classical Studio was commissioned to design the clubhouse and landscape for the new clubhouse in The Club at 12 Oaks in North Carolina, a luxury golf and residential neighborhood. The immaculate grounds and golf course, created by the legendary artists at Nicklaus Design Group, are one part of this entire lifestyle community that boasts serene parks, beautiful homes and even a community garden.

The clubhouse is 7,800 square feet that ACS started to plan in December 2013. From the very first pencil mark ACS drafted amenities, access and the essence of luxury down to the tiniest cement block. ACS made sure the design would reflect the Carolina region by merging traditional Carolina architecture, classical and vernacular styles, The result is a clubhouse that fits seamlessly into the meticulously designed community.

The clubhouse will contain locker rooms for golf members and a full time bar and restaurant. It also features event spaces for hosting parties, corporate gatherings and weddings.

Opening April 2016. Learn more: 12oaksgolfclub.com/clubhouse/

A Modern House with a Classical Feel

Modern homes are not often considered classical, but you might be surprised that certain elements are very similar. This home is going to certainly look and feel modern, with exposed edges, expansive spaces and large open windows, images that would typically pop into your mind when you think of a modern home, but it is the elements of plan, circulation and organization in the footprint of the house that correlate to classical architecture. The proportion’s and balance that classical architecture demand will be present in this home as well.

In addition to the architecture, WB Interiors was hired to design the interior. Using cutting edge materials, pops of color to bring warmth and accent the minimalist feel of the home we are sure this is going to be one incredibly beautiful modern home.

*Please note all renderings are works in progress and are not final designs.