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A Trip to Bulloch Hall

Last week, our team at A Classical Studio took a trip to view Bulloch Hall located in Historic Roswell, GA. This beautiful example of Greek revival architecture is a great source of inspiration and influence for what we now recognize as part of our Classical heritage. A Classical Studio studies this type of architecture, as it represents the timeless values and integrity we strive to incorporate into our work.

The Greek revival period began in the late 1820’s and thrived throughout the United States though the 1860’s. The Civil War led to the demise of this style, and much of the grand Southern examples were destroyed during the war. Although the Greek revival movement appears in its most memorable and prominent form in the south, the flexibility and ideology behind the style can be found throughout the United States. Greek Revival architecture has been attributed as the first American style of architecture, expressing our independence and democratic ideals.

Bulloch Hall was built in 1839 by Willis Ball, for Major James Stephens Bulloch. It was the first of many homes that Ball built in the Roswell area. This home has many pronounced characteristics that identify with the Greek Revival era homes.

  • It is believed that Asher Benjamin’s “The Architect or Practical House Carpenter” 1830, was used to design and detail Bullock Hall. Examples of fireplace mantels and moldings, taken directly from the book can be seen throughout the house.
  • The four large columns in the front reach 21 feet high, supporting the entablature including the heavy cornice resting above.
  • Symmetry is found throughout this home from composition of the front elevation to the layout of the plan down to the detailing of the front and rear entrances.
  • Many homes in this period were painted white to resemble the white marble of their Greek precedent.