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The Design Process

The Design Process

The design process for completing a custom home consists of four steps. Although this process can differ between firms and clients, the steps for A Classical Studio involve: Programming and Investigation, Schematic Design, Design Development, and Construction Development. Our client is involved through the entire process and consulted for each important decision to ensure their vision becomes the reality of their custom home.


This process begins with a client interview in which we start to establish the scope of the project by discussing lifestyle, personal taste, location and community, room necessities and sizes, specific furniture requirements as well as the aesthetics of the home.


All of the information collected during the Programming & Investigation phase will be evaluated and presented back to our clients visually. These visual presentations will be in the form of precedent studies, schematic plans and elevations.


In this phase we will further develop the reflection of our client’s ideas, lifestyle and values. After we have the plans and elevations close to final development, we will move to CAD drafting.


Construction Documents continue to advance detail to the Design Development drawings by adding notes and dimensions to the existing drawings. New drawings including sections, details, schedules and general notes are added to the set.